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How Does This Work?


GDH Accounting Services has trained and experienced professionals whose goal is not just to do accounting, but to do accounting as a ministry to our clients. Our clients are Christian ministries who have better things to do than worry about copier contracts, accounting software updates, vendor payments and the like, and we take all those things off your hands, and more. 

We are your accounting departments, and desire to be thought of as such. 


After connecting with us for your accounting needs, someone on your staff sends us, each week:

Bank Statements,

Vendor bills to be paid,

Expense reimbursements,

Donation and grant checks for deposits OR copies of checks,

and Payroll information to process


We maintain a regular accounts payable schedule for vendor payments. We'll monitor cash flow for you, check with vendors for questionable items, and pay things on a timely basis, including employee expense reimbursements. We can maintain your files, or if you prefer, deliver your paid invoices, copies of donations, etc. to your office for filing. 

We have plenty of experience with credit card and EFT donations and can help make your donation processing fast and efficient!


You are assigned an account manager and key employee of GDH Accounting. Those people will be the contact for questions, concerns, scheduling, etc. Our people process your donations, grants, and billing income. We issue tax-deductible receipts. We also maintain a database if desired. 


We can report donation income to you as frequently as you like; daily, weekly, and monthly.  

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